Wednesday, February 29, 2012

God Loves Broken People

This book (I am reviewing the Kindle version) had all the makings of a powerful read: A GREAT Title, catchy subtitle, and a much needed message in a world that is hurting. The problem is that the content failed to deliver. I was hoping for a message that would inspire, encourage, and lift up my heart. The introduction and following chapters failed to even come close to doing any of those things.

If you are able to make it through the introduction, Chapter 6 is written well and the whole book's message could probably be summed up in that Chapter. I was surprised at the typo in paragraph two. (I've found enormous editing errors in Sheila Walsh's books . . . not sure why) The book opens oddly with a disturbing nightmare that Ms. Walsh has had all her life about being led to an execution chamber and being put to death for a crime she didn't commit. Somehow, she relates brokenness in life to "getting" over nightmares for an intro.(?)

Immediately I felt a disconnect from the author who begins Chapter 1 by speaking about brokenness and opening with a personal narrative about her arriving home, her husband calling her to let her know that he will be picking up their son at his best friend's house, and then her going into an all out panic and exploding in anger when her husband and son return home a few hours later after they did not respond to a text and phone call. The author relates this story to clinging to Christ who offers peace in the "fiercest storm."(?) She declares, "I'm not waving; I'm drowning." If this is the author's idea of a broken life . . . or broken situations . . . there is a clear disconnect from those going through TRUE brokenness. 

I became further disturbed through a personal narrative where the author describes being in her car during a tornado . . . a man tries to get her out of her car to safety, but instead she writes,

"I sat there with tears streaming down my face. I couldn't stop repeating, "I'm sorry. I am so sorry!" As crazy as it sounds, I believed deep in my heart that this storm was my fault, that all of heaven had united in a rage against me." 

I was GREATLY OFFENDED by the Chapter titled, "FIERCE LOVE AND HALLOWEEN GRACE." This was a completely INAPPROPRIATE comparison made between God's grace and Halloween!?! The author states,

"I call this kind of grace 'Halloween grace,' because it wears an unanticipated costume. (Halloween Costumes) don't "necessarily give any clue to the sort of kid on the inside. Grace can be like that too.
"But in each case His grace wears a slightly different costume." 

I found this comparison appalling. I could go on, but I think I've described enough of the issues of this book. The personal narratives should be completely left out. They add no value and absolutely take from it. Overall, the book was unorganized and the same point was repeated throughout the entire book. There was no resolve and no true connect with the reader. It all felt "broken."

***** I will note to the author AND the publisher that there is a reference to a TRADEMARKED item that is INCORRECT and should be corrected. The author mentions Lance Armstrong's yellow bracelet band that states, "Just Do it!" The band has never said this, the bands are engraved ONLY with, "LIVESTRONG." (trademarked)

I would HIGHLY recommend Sheila Walsh's book: "The Shelter of God's Promises"

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Unknown said...

Oh drat! I have been waiting for over a week for the print copy of this book in anticipation of a good read. Thanks for your honest opinion. Sometimes it is harder to write a review for a bad book than for a good book. I sure hope I get the book soon since there are many other good books available.

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