Monday, February 27, 2012

Taken Aside By Jesus

At times, I find myself "taken aside by Jesus," so that He can answer my prayer . . . I've asked Him to "Search my heart and know me and show me the things in me that offend Him." (Psalm 139:23-24) Sometimes, He "takes me aside" to show me things through His eyes. He wants me to grasp His will and His purposes fully. Often times, Jesus "takes me aside" to just sit with me in silence. But, mostly, He "takes me aside" to embrace me with His love and encourage me in my faith. I've learned that being "taken aside by Jesus" is a gift of God's great love. Though He leads me into the desert, in the place where doubt dominates and all hope seems gone, I am filled with peace . . . because it is there, where I am utterly alone, that I realize . . . Jesus, Himself, has "taken me aside." 

"Taken aside by Jesus,
To feel the touch of His hand;
To rest for a while in the shadow
Of the Rock in a weary land.

Taken aside by Jesus,
In the loneliness dark and drear,
Where no other comfort may reach me,
Than His voice to my heart so dear.

Taken aside by Jesus,
To be quite alone with Him,
To hear His wonderful tones of love
'Mid the silence and shadows dim.

Taken aside by Jesus,
Shall I shrink from the desert place;
When I hear as I never heard before,
And see Him 'face to face'?" 

- L.B. Cowan, Streams in the Desert


Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,

First I love the picture. It took me a minute, at first I thought it was clouds and then I saw the hands. Awesome

"Taken" being the key word here, sounds so good to me, and now I'm looking at Taken in a whole new light. I would have to say more than anything that I have seen God take me by surprise this past year. He has confirmed time and time again that "His ways are not our ways."

Yesterday I purchased two devotionals from my church bookstore. One of the devotionals is " Streams In The Desert."

Cherie, Like you, I don't believe in coincidences in the life of a believer, and so when I read your post, and the part from "Streams In The Desert," it made me smile.

Blessing to you friend

Denise said...

Lovely post Cherie; How blessed we are that He "takes us aside" to establish a personal link and connection with us. It's an amazing gift that if we are still and listen closely, we can hear His voice and feel His presence, and trust that He has planned our day and will give us the strength to endure it!

Blessings and hugs,

Cherie Hill said...

Michelle, going to drop by and pay you a visit! ;)

Denise, thank you so much for your comment. BIG HUGS back to you!

Unknown said...

For the pass almost four years now... since my husbands passing. I have been alone and handicapped. Often times wondering why and what the Lord was up to. Then I read Taken Aside,I now know what he was showing me... It is not a bad thing to be taken aside by Jesus.Thanks,Jean

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