Friday, August 3, 2012


I want to share this Word with you today because the Spirit quickened me this morning with a word from God that was extraordinarily powerful . . . and it may speak to you, where you are, right now in life. If you're like me, I look for God in the "earthquake" but He isn't there. I look and listen for Him in the "fire," but He's not there either (1 Kings 19:12-13). I scream at the heavens, but there is no reply. And then, when I least expect it, like today, He speaks. It is in that still small voice, although quiet, that He moves heaven and earth. At the very least, it shakes my faith out of its arrhythmia and into a steady pulse that no longer questions, but sits in silent, confident surrender. Today, the Lord spoke to me and this is what He said:


Everything. 1 Corinthians 15:27 makes no mistake about it. There is NOTHING that is not under the authority of Christ. And there is a reason . . . there was a sacrifice . . . innocent blood was shed . . . and Christ reigns. 

I'm not sure what you're facing in life right now. My guess is, like most of us, you're facing unthinkable circumstances that entail uncertainty that cannot be comprehended. Your cancer, your marriage, your child's death, your divorce, your spouse's addictions, your finances, your troubled heart, they are ALL under His feet. NOTHING has power over you when you are in Christ and He is in you. Know this: NOTHING can thwart God's plan. Every detail is in His hands . . . don't doubt, just believe (Mark 5:36). If EVERYTHING is under Christ's feet, then we can WALK by faith and not by sight. We need not be led by our circumstances, but led by Christ Himself. Through the darkness, through the pain and suffering . . . He is our Light and He is ALL we need. Walk forward in faith today and everyday, with the knowledge that EVERY part of your life is under His feet. If He is able to overcome death . . . what is it in your life that He can't overcome?


Kendra Quilts said...

Well this was for me Cherie. I was laying here in bed bawling my eyes out asking God why all men hurt me, use me and are so cold hearted evil men? Im sick of it. I have so much love in me but men are only looking for the next better one to come along. So i clicked my icon of your journal thru my tears and God left me His message to me thru you. God bless you. Love you Cherie!

Unknown said...

The Spirit has been busy today. There is a change coming ... a calm, peace, tranquility (for now) :-), all because He is in control ... Who would have thought this crippled, broken, shattered heart would find its way so open and falling in love again w/Jesus? There is a reason for all things ...The refinement at work. I know you know first hand ... looking back ... there will be days ahead we falter, but ultimately, we are His!
An old saying came to mind about being with the one you love, you'd rather be miserable with them, than be without them. The misery is then sweetened, the heart is full in love, knowing a peace in the midst of the misery.I understand that fully ...
Love to you!

Cherie Hill said...

Kendra, you always bless me beyond words . .. I am so thankful for you!

Cyndie, the depths of your sprit always deepen mine. Your friendship over the years has been the most incredible blessing to me!!

Love and hugs,

Reformed rebel said...

Cherie this is really good and what I needed to hear. I wrote a post today asking for prayer for a friend with cancer. Even though we know that there is nothing that isn't under the feet of Christ it can still be hard and we need to be reminded of 1 Corinthians 15:27 and Mark 5:36. God is working through and in all the circumstances of our lives and we just need to believe that no matter what...He is ALL we need!
Thank you and God bless...Chelle

Denise said...

What a beautiful and faithful reminder Cherie! God promised it Himself in Hebrews 13:5 when He said “I will never leave you nor forsake you”. God is always there, and no matter how abandoned, deserted, or empty we feel, or how difficult and painful the situation-we are not alone. When feelings of emptiness, fear, and hopelessness begin to creep in, it’s not the time to lose faith, but instead reach out to God for EVERYTHING!!! :)

Blessings to you sweet sister as you bless others!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!! This jumped at me: NOTHING has power over you when you are in Christ and He is in you. Know this: NOTHING can thwart God's plan. God DOES have a plan for me & even when it seems like my life is out of control, it's only because I've stopped trusting & started doubting. GREAT post! I was doubly blessed today by you :)

Just Be Real said...

Blessings to you Cherie!

Debbie Petras said...

The only way I was able to get through these past few years was to remember that nothing happens with it first passing through His fingers of love. What seemed like unanswered prayers was actually a pruning process. Although my life isn't what I thought it would be at this point in my life, He has given me a peace inside. Yes, everything is under His feet. Thank you for that reminder Cherie.

Blessings and love,

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