Thursday, December 4, 2008

Walking on Air

I had a dream last that was more unusual than most that I have had. (I think we can all agree that dreams can get REALLY weird!) In my dream, I found myself in a crowd of people, all onlookers, watching me. Beside me, stood (or floated) a woman. I couldn't see her face; I'm not sure who she was, although I remember her being "heavenly" and angelic. And then, without any words, the expectations of me were to step out over a cliff and walk upon air. Okay....I know, it's a little strange...but it's a dream....I remember fearfully looking around me as the expectations of me weighed upon me like a heavy wool blanket. I didn't want to step out, yet I did. So, I felt within me a confidence, a desire to really show my belief in what I was doing, even though I didn't understand why I was doing it and what the outcome would be if I succeeded or failed.

So, I stepped out and I remember myself know how you fall in a seems like you're falling forever. Suddenly, I landed at the bottom of a pit. I was okay...and I got up and began to climb out of the pit. Funny, it didn't seem like it was that long to get out and I was right back in front of the crowd, the woman levitated beside me, and they were wanting me to try again. I was so confused....I thought I had faith in doing what I was asked....but yet, if I was honest with myself on my last attempt....I did have doubt. I was fearful. So, as I faced doing it again, I REALLY wanted to succeed. I wanted to walk on air like the woman (or angel) beside me. This time, there was something within me that took hold and I felt it within my entire soul and spirit...this time I was going to do it. And I knew it...completely, without a doubt. And I did. It was amazing and awesome...I walked on air and the crowd looked on with such joy. The angel beside me mysteriously disappeared and I walked for several moments and then....I woke up.

I'm not a dream interpreter, but I have disected this dream a million different ways. I know that it has to do with my faith and the issues in my life. God is daily increasing my faith, asking me to step out continually, even when everything I see contradicts the faith that I cling to. Walking by faith...means falling....and getting up again....ready and determined to try it again. God has made room for our errors and our "lack of faith." He's given us a "helper" (The Holy Spirit). He's given us a measure of faith and His grace that is sufficient.

I'm sure my dream won't mean as much to you as it did to me...but maybe it will invite you to reflect on your own faith. Stepping out......getting out of the boat....fearful....yet faithful. It reminds me of Peter walking on the water......I want to have faith like that- Knowing that Jesus is there to reach out to me if I begin to sink. I pray for each one of you reading this....that you might step out in faith in dealing with whatever it is you're going through.....Know that God is with you always...He will never leave you nor forsake you. EVER.


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