Wednesday, January 14, 2009

God the Snow

I am amazed as I realize that I have shoveled over 22 inches of snow in the past week. Last year was the worst winter in Chicago in over 100 years...and I shoveled my way through it. But what some see as a major nuisance......I see as an opportunity to spend time with God. When I lived in Seattle, I found God speaking to me through the rain....He spoke to me alot! (haha) I felt Him saying that His love was pouring down upon the constant rain that fell. Here in Chicago, I go out to shovel snow...and as I step out of the doorway into the frigid is silent, and the snow covers EVERYTHING. With all the snow that I've shoveled, I now wonder where I will put it all....because it just keeps coming!
This is when I here the still soft voice of God saying, "This is my mercy, this is my never ends and it covers you....completely." So, as I shovel, I talk with is my time...alone with Him. The quiet is deafening as each snowflake falls without a sound and God's presence surrounds me and keeps me warm from the inside out. (even in -10 degrees)
So, most people are trying to talk me into getting a snow blower.....I won't do it.....I'd miss out on some pretty important things God wants to say to me. So, know that no matter what you're doing.....even if you're stuck in a traffic jam for hours.....find God in it.....He's there.


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