Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Book Review by Cherie Hill
(Thomas Neslon Book Reviewer)

Two things come to mind after reading this book, “It REALLY IS ALL in our head and we ALL need our heads examined!” Humor aside, it will be a thrill to see this book on the New York Times Bestseller list because that’s exactly where it belongs. I have gotten truly tired of books published for profit-this book is written with purpose; its purpose is to help all of us understand ourselves better- how we think, why we feel, and how to live a more joyful life, in spite of our brain’s sometimes less than perfect wiring. One of the great joys in reading a wonderful book is sensing the author’s heart and soul pour out into the pages and then reach out and capture yours; Dr. Henslin does just that. Not only is he a Christian and a devoted follower of Christ, but he is not afraid to share his faith even through the study of science. Dr. Henslin has finally provided the bridge between Christianity and Psychology (and Science). I must say, Dr. Henslin had me at:

I always grin when science finally catches up to scriptural truths.”

Truthfully, I’ve gotten tired of reading nonfiction in the Christian genre that is nothing but a canned message of compiled sermons or teachings, meant to keep you filled with joy on nothing but hope and a prayer. What about when your body is depleted of what it needs to function properly? A scripture and a prayer will mean little to nothing if the part of your brain that controls your anger or fears is not functioning properly. This book provides you the opportunity to begin living a joyful life from the inside out.

Dr. Henslin brilliantly writes with humor and presents scientific evidence that will change your life, if you follow the path he lays out throughout the book. Dr. Henslin’s choice of Scripture to coincide with his practice of psychotherapy is nothing less than fantastic. You will not only find this book an AMAZING resource in itself, but it is filled with an abundance of resources that will enable you to change your life with little effort on your part; Dr. Henslin has done the ground work for you.

Okay, so you don’t want to have a “brain scan” or you simply can’t afford it….fine, Dr. Henslin provides the “Dr. Amen Brain System Checklist” that will allow you to venture into your brain without the scan. After taking the test, you will get a better idea of what areas of your brain are functioning properly and which ones need help. Not only that, but the book is divided into those five parts so that you can go right to where you, personally, need to go to get started. Dr. Henslin gives specifics as to how to supplement your body for optimal brain functioning and fantastic techniques by which to help you find balance in your life….and most of all, true joy.

Honestly, this is one of the most fantastic books I’ve ever read in regard to Psychology. Having majored in Psychology, I have longed for that moment when there would be a bridge between my faith and the study of the mind; now that Dr. Henslin has provided that bridge, I am “overjoyed” and you will be too, when you finally understand yourself (how and why you think, feel, and act the way you do) after reading this fantastic and brilliant book!


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