Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Better than New?

My son is a builder. Okay, not the "architectural" type.......yet. He builds Legos. (Now, I'm not here to post about my totally amazing son....this post is about a message God had for me.....and I know it's a message for you as well.) So, he had this Lego vehicle he had built, but the were parts of it that just weren't working right. For weeks he played with it....getting frustrated now and then that it just wasn't working as it was designed to. So, finally, when he had mustered up some patience and diligence, he sat down and began to work. He didn't have to take the whole thing apart....just the areas that weren't working properly. Then, within a half hour, he brought it to me, more excited than ever. He couldn't believe it.......the vehicle was "better than new." As I thought to myself, "Wow, that's nice," I sat in silence (as I do many times when encountering God's voice through my children) and heard God speaking volumes to me.

God created us......yet in our fallen world, we get "broken." We become useless to God because we cannot fulfill the purposes that we were designed for when we're broken. Now, He doesn't have to take us COMPLETELY apart.....just the parts that need to be fixed. The thing we should be thankful for is that He's got PLENTY of time and an ABUNDANCE of patience. It's often times hard to believe that God can even begin to repair our broken marriage, much less make it "better than new." It's difficult to see how it is that God can provide us with a better job than the one we just lost. It's nearly impossible to see how God can bring good from the tragedies in this fallen world........but He does. We can't always see the whole design, we don't hold the blue prints. But the truth is, as God promises us through His Word, God makes ALL things new. And what I've been finding in life is that He makes them "better than new."

Whatever is broken in your life, bring it to God.....He can fix it. Whatever you think God can't do, trust that He is the God of impossibilities. When you come before His throne of grace, trust that He is at work; molding, shaping, and redesigning whatever it is that you feel has gone awry in your life. There is nothing in the hands of God that He can't make "better than new."


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