Monday, March 2, 2009

God Made Us Special

Product Review by Cherie Hill (Thomas Nelson Book Reviewer)

Everyone has things about themselves that they don't like and would do just about anything to change, but the lesson that a child will learn through Hermie's new adventure, "Skeeter and the Mystery of the Lost Mosquito Treasure," is that God made us each unique and designed with purpose. Many times, it is often that "thing" we'd love to remove from our lives that God intends for us to use to fulfill His purposes in our lives. That "thing" that we're not fond of about ourselves may very well unlock a treasure awaiting us.

The Hermie classics by Max Lucado never disappoint and this movie is no exception. This timeless lesson is one that will reach into the hearts of children who live in a world where being "unique" can either be something to be treasured or despised. Skeeter feels like he's missing out on God's best because he has a crooked nose...His brother seems to have it all, except that He can't fly. By using each of their unique gifts, Skeeter and his brother unlock a secret treasure, but more importantly they unlock the uniqueness within them that God intended for great purposes. The message is fantastic and it is one that will remain in the minds of the child who experience it through the entertaining adventures of Hermie and Wormie.


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