Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Quiet Heart

It's so easy to forget God's faithfulness. Each day brings with it daggers of doubt that penetrate the depths of our soul to the point our faith is only standing on shaking ground...we have to be reminded that our Savior LIVES. Each breath we're given is a precious gift from God; each moment is to be lived confident in Him. Whatever you're going through, praise Him IN it. Wait on Him, Trust in Him, Rest in Him, and ask Him to quiet your heart...

My mind wanders away
Dreaming of where I could be on another day
I'm always so far ahead
I seem to miss the one that I'm in
And I regret the time I lost

Slow me down before it's gone
Right here in the moment I'm given
I'll treasure the breath that I breathe in

And I'll rest in You
You quiet my heart
Somehow every second that's passing
Is filled so much meaning
As I wait here with You
Quiet my heart

I get stuck in between
Yesterday and all that tomorrow brings
When all that You want from me
Is that I come and sit at your feet

And know that You are God
And with You no time is lost
Don't let me run away
Show me why I should stay
Open my eyes to take in Your beauty
Keep me here in this place
Take me in Your embrace
There's no place I'd rather be than right now


Smelling Coffee said...

Just beautiful! This perfectly could be the theme song of my life. :-)


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