Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Edge of the Divine (book review)

The "Edge of the Divine" by Sandi Patty was just "okay" for me. First and foremost, the book is all about Sandi's life. It reads like a journal or a "Christmas Letter" at times. Throughout the book I became uninterested as the author ventured into too much detail about her life such as family issues in moving to Oklahoma...whether or not her children had furniture in their new apartment...a ring she kept losing...her "show clothes" that mistakenly got taken to the Salvation Army...etc. I didn't feel that those details added to the read...they seemed to take away from the message Sandi was trying to convey. I've encountered this with books by Sheila Walsh as well (Sandi's friend and Women of Faith fellow speaker). For the average woman...these authors come across as "out of touch" with the real hard pressing issues of women today.

Sandi certainly is a "likeable" person and the book was VERY easy to read through. But, if you're looking to deepen your faith through the testimony in this book...you'll be disappointed. I actually would not recommend it to anyone who does not have an "overeating" problem. The book just won't speak to you. And at $20 a book...I just don't feel that you will be content with your purchase. If you're looking to just learn more about Sandi Patty and the details of her life...then by all means indulge. But, for those who are needing a book that will bring about strength, encouragement, and a strong presence of the Lord in your life...this just isn't that book.

*I was given this book by BookSneeze for free in exchange for my review.


Beth Herring said...

I am reading this as well Cherie to post a review of it. I felt much the same way you did. i just kinda skimmed through some parts. It was a good read, but certainly didn't give me an spiritual insights.

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