Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Breaking THROUGH

The other day...it HIT me...(sorry for the pun LOL) as I watched my two boys "break boards." It was as if God Himself had stepped down out of heaven to give me a lesson in faith. The others in the room didn't see Him...they didn't hear His voice...OH, but I'm used toHim showing up in these unexpected ways with magnificent messages to strenghten and grow my faith.

(bare with me for a few moments...this message is AWESOME!)

My two sons have been taking TaeKwonDo...and on their test they had to "break a board." The problem is...they didn't know it was going to be a REAL board (they'd been practicing on plastic break away boards). Then, the instructor said they could CHOOSE...EASY, MEDIUM, or DIFFICULT. Well, when he got to them standing in line...he looked at them...and pulled out the DIFFICULT board...he looked at them again...held it up and said..."You can do it!" You should have seen the fear in their faces. I sat, nervous for them...yelling inside..."BREAK THROUGH!" And then heaven's doors opened,angels magestically started singing, Light shone down brilliantly, and God stepped down out of glory before me...okay, not really...but for me...that all happened.

Faith...it's hard. At times, our obstacles in life may seem like an "easy or medium board"...but, when our faith is REALLY tested...God has pulled out the "DIFFICULT" one. When He's "testing" us...He pulls out the the "thick" one...the one that is intimidating...the one that looks like it will REALLY hurt. It's the test that we're obviously not ready for...and God knows it...He wants us trusting Him. He wants us relying on Him completely...coming humbly before Him, realizing that we can do nothing without Him. And as He's trained us with the "easy or medium" obstacles...on "test" day...He holds out the "difficult" one and looks at us and says,"You can do it!"

But here's the key...in the face of fear...when it simply looks to hard...we tend to STOP pressing through at the obstacle. Our instinct is to STOP at the obstacle. We MUST BREAK THROUGH...we MUST focus on the other side and press through our fears. As my boys stared at the board...inside I was yelling, "Aim at the Instructor!...Don't look at the board!...BREAK THROUGH IT!"
(By the way...they broke through on the first try and let me tell you...Testosterone was filling the air for days!!!!!!!!!!!)

Reminds me of Peter walking on the water. In our daily walk of faith...God is saying, "KEEP YOUR EYES ON ME!...DON'T WALK BY SIGHT!...BREAK THROUGH! It is only then...that we will have the "break through" we're seeking. It's loving Jesus with ALL of our heart, soul, and mind...and finding strength in Him. Then, it's realizing that in Him we can do ALL THINGS!!!!

Whatever obstacle stands before you right now...you can BREAK THROUGH IT! Keep focused on Jesus...not the obstacle. It's a test...God has prepared you...He has equipped you with Christ and if He lives in you...ALL things are possible. As you stare at the obstacle...look up...into the eyes of your Lord...and hear His words of strength and grace,
"You can do it!"


alicia said...

Perfect, Cherie!
What an excellent picture for us to see God's testing for us. He does provide us with the equipment to handle his tests and cheers us on. He doesn't sit on the side and wait for us to fail.
(I'm sure that was a very proud mama moment as well when they broke the board!)
Blessings to you today.

Loren said...

You are right....this message is AWESOME! God has provided all we need and not only that but HE is placed all we need within to be overcomers!

Bless you Cherie!



This spoke volumes to me today of all days! God is holding out the things on the other side of that board - and telling me that the BREAKTHROUGH is almost here - to hold on and BELIEVE HIM to do the work to complete it! When times get harder in the WAITING - I tend to focus on the board - rather than beynd the board to the other side where FAITH becomes REALITY!!

I'm Waiting on HIM!
I'm Trusting HIM!
I'm Believing HIM!
And I'm still choosing JOY on the hard days!

Even if it kills me!

Choosing JOY in the BREATHTHROUGH,

Karen said...

Amen! Great encouragement today! Between this post...and what I have been reading in your book...I am doubly blessed...and empowered to BREAK that board....

Cherie Hill said...

Lori, Alicia, Karen, Stephanie...you bless me so much by your comments! I'm going to stop by and visit you personally! Praying God's abundant blessings over you and yours!

Peter Stone said...

Hi Cherie
Wouldn't we all like that easy board, but without the testing of our faith, how would it ever grow? With having no choice but to rely upon the Lord to get through the obstacle and overcome, how would we learn to completely trust in Him?
Great encouragement that we must not stop and give up, but keep pressing on.

ML said...

Hi Cherie!
I teared up a little bit when I read through this today. Sometimes I just need to hear a reminder that God is always faithful. Thank you for your Blog today!

Unknown said...

Hey Cherie,

Great word! I love that image of breaking through - reminds me of a scene in one of those Karate Kid movies!

Thanks for sharing today...

Just wanted to let you know that I have received your book, and I'm so excited about reading it. My kids are both having their wisdom teeth out this week, so I plan to take the book with me as I am waiting in the waiting room!

Can't wait to hear your story and hear what God has done in your life.

After I read, where can I publish a positive review for you? Amazon?

Thanks for your kind words about my book. You made my day!


ML said...

Hello Cherie!

Thank you for being a sister of faith on this journey. Your encouragement helps me to remember the necessity of sisters in Christ. Your postings here and my on site are so encouraging! You are what this blogging community is all about. God Bless your words and may he prosper you in all you do!


ML Michaels

A Peculiar Person said...

What an awesome post! I love the part about looking past the board and focusing on the instructor - the same way God wants us to see past our problems and look directly at him! Amen!

I would like to invite you to visit my blog. I would love to get your comments on some of my recent posts.


God Bless!

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