Sunday, August 1, 2010


I'll have to admit, it was hard to hold back tears as I read through the first half of "Captured by Grace," by Dr. David Jeremiah. Very few people in the world have been able to adequately express the depth and meaning of God's grace, but John Newton, the writer of "Amazing Grace," and the Apostle Paul completely captured God's grace in song and words . . .  and Dr. Jeremiah displays the grace in their lives in a way that is captivating beyond description.

Through the first half of "Captured by Grace," you venture into the history of the writing of "Amazing Grace." Truly . . . you will never sing this song in the same way. The story is beautiful. Dr. Jeremiah intercedes that history with the life of the Apostle Paul's conversion and life of worship . . . to further exemplify to the greatest extent, the grace of God. As I read through the first half of the book . . . I felt the holy presence of God, the joy of grace. It was very moving. To my surprise, the second half of the book began to address the work of God's grace in my own life . . . past, present, and future. It was through grasping page after page that the mercy of God reached down and I began to understand God's grace in a deeper way than ever before. Don't miss this book.. . . . you need God's presence, you need to understand His love and longsuffering for you . . . you need God's grace . . . allow His grace to capture YOU.

*I was provided this book for free by Thomas Nelson in exchange for my review.


Loren said...

Your passion is flowing through my screen Cherie! I will be looking for this one FOR SURE! Thanks for sharing!

Have a blessed Lords Day today


Tammi said...

Dear Cherie, Thank you for recommending this book to us! I was just asking the Lord last night to please help me have a better understanding of His love for me. Today's Sunday School's lesson was the beginning of His answer to my prayer, and now you've suggested this book..that's just the "icing on the cake!" Thank you very much.

Debbie Petras said...

I'm glad to read of your recommendation of this book. I know the story behind the song and it's amazing. But I always love to read Dr. Jeremiah's take too.

I'll check into it.


Karen said...

Sounds like a book I need to read...thanks for the recommendation....

ML said...

I read this book a while back and it is a great book! We love Dr. David Jeremiah's sermons in our home. There is a study guide that goes along with it. Grace is a wonderful thing!

God Bless.

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