Friday, December 24, 2010

God Shows Up

Here's the Truth: "God Shows Up"
And He usually shows up on mundane days
 and in miraculous ways.
He shows up unexpectedly,
but it's all no surprise to Him.
His plans are carefully thought out and always
for greater good and His glory.

I'm not sure what you're waiting on God for . . .
but chances are you're waiting for Him
to show up in some area of your life.
It may be a relationship issue, a job situation,
an illness, or the salvation of a loved one.
Whatever it is . . . know that God will show up.
It may not be in the way you want
and in the timing you want,
but our walk is a walk of faith.
Trusting that our God knows best.

Who would have thought
that He'd show up as a little baby?
All who looked for the Messiah were certain
that Jesus was not the one!
Wrong town! Wrong family!
They wanted a conqueror to set them free!
He brought peace and a message of eternity.
That wasn't part of their plan . . .
it wasn't meeting their expectations!
But, God's plan was better and
 it far exceeds ANY of our expectations!
Because He showed up . . . He is now with us always.
We can trust that. He has given us His Word.
And until He shows up in your life,
until He reveals Himself in ways that you
can no longer deny Him . . .
consume yourself in His Word which is a lamp unto
your feet and a light unto your path.
Wait on Him, lean on Him, trust in Him.
He will show up and it will be right on time.


Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,

Whenever I visit your blog I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Your writing honors and glorifies the Lord. There is always a message that pierces my heart, and confirms something that the Holy Spirit has been laying on my heart & mind.

In this post you speak of "Waiting on God", and that is exactly what my struggle has been in the last months in regard to salvation of family members who have died this year, with the most recent one this week, and my father-n-law who is not likely to live longer than a month.

You mention "His Timing", and I needed to hear this, because I have been thinking about what I think would be the best time to approach my father-n-law, instead of trusting the Lord to be in control of that.

I know now that the Lord is reminding me that I need to trust Him, and be ready to move when He says move.

P.S. My computer does not show the elf video, it just appears as a blank box. I would have loved to see you as a dancing elf :o)
Also, I know you mentioned you were going to send me an email in regard to my amazon review, but I was not sure if you had my email, because I have not received your email, so just in case it's

God bless your Christmas,

Barbara Frone said...

Wow,thanks for this, Cherie. Another awesome post which makes us think a little deeper.

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