Sunday, August 7, 2011

It Had to Happen

If the first few sample pages aren't enough to convince you that you need to read this book, then let me elaborate a little to assure you that this is a message you need. Cynthia Patterson not only has a heart for the Lord, she has a heart for the wounded, brokenhearted, and lost. Her only desire is to serve the Lord, by reaching out to a world of women who are desperate for Him.

"It Had to Happen" is written for women in an effort to speak a profound message to each of them individually through the understanding of "The Unclean Woman." (the story told in the Biblical books of Matthew and Mark) Cynthia dissects the story, in order to show the reader how this event speaks volumes into their own lives. Through each page you will begin to feel your faith rise and God's grace take hold of you as you grasp the fact that God wants to do a miracle in your life no matter who you are, where you've been, or what you've done. God waits for you to come to Him.

Cynthia truly writes with passion as she longs to lead you to Jesus, so that you might "touch His garment" and be healed. I nearly read this book in one sitting because I just simply couldn't put it down. Few books are like that. "It Had to Happen" will deepen your faith and strengthen your walk with the Lord. Don't miss this message!


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