Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rivers of Darkness, Visions of Light

I'm not big on memoirs. Seldom to I glean much that will impact my own life. But, the life story told in "Rivers of Darkness, Visions of Light, one in which God is still writing, is by far one of the most incredible testimonies I have ever read. It is a powerful story of crime, conversion, and confession . . . with a message of  powerful, miraculous, redemption.

Larry Whited lived through a troubled childhood which led him down broken paths. Throughout his story you can feel his heart grow colder and colder and his fallen world gets the best of him. It all leads up to his ultimate crime of extortion. With all the details in place, Larry Whited stepped into darkness, not expecting God to show up in the midst of it all. This story is remarkable in so many aspects. Included in the book are documents, maps, etc. that drive home the reality of the situation. The story's details are simply remarkable and captivating.

As if the message in the book were not riveting enough, the author's writing style is far superior than most that I read. (and I'm talking New York Times Bestselling authors) I was simply astounded at how carefully each word was chosen, how powerfully each sentence conveyed the author's heart, and how incredibly detailed each portion of the story was told. There was neither too much or too little written in this story . . . it was the perfect presentation of a story for God's glory. I HIGHLY recommend this book! (If you're on a tight budget, grab the Kindle version!)


Larry Whited said...

Cherie…Thank you for your review—it brought me to my knees. Writing this story took me back through a journey that reminded me every step of the way of the unfathomable magnitude and magnificence of God. It is a blessing to connect with others who also are moved by the awesome wonder of God’s glory

Cherie Hill said...

Larry, it was truly a blessing to read your story. It is the evidence that God's grace knows no bounds. It's proof that His power is infinite! Praying that you will find your joy and peace in Him always.

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