Monday, August 1, 2011

Waiting On God Hits Top 100!

"Waiting On God" (just $.99) just made the top 100 books on Kindle for the "Christian Living" category. I could not be more excited that the message within this ebook is reaching out to so many! If you haven't checked it out, here's a sneak peek! (Plus the ebook contains the FIRST CHAPTERS FREE of my other two books, "Be Still" and "Beginning at the End.")

At any given point in time, you’ll find yourself waiting on “something.” You might be waiting on something very small, or you could be waiting on something that will change the course of your life. Either way, the “waiting place” is the hardest place. Dr. Seuss described our feelings about the “waiting place” best:

You can get so confused
that you’ll start in to race
down long wiggled roads at a break-necking pace
and grind on for miles across weirdish wild space,
headed, I fear, toward a most useless place.
The Waiting Place . . .
(Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!)

But, what we find is that Dr. Seuss had it wrong. And so do we. We perceive our “waiting” place to be a place where time is wasted . . . useless. We assume that nothing is happening, and we question whether God’s Word is true when it says that He “never slumbers or sleeps.” (Psalm 121:4) It appears that in our own lives, as our lives spiral recklessly out of control, He’s fallen asleep at the wheel. Waiting places tempt us to believe that either God isn’t there or He simply doesn’t care.

We find ourselves easily consumed with despair and hopelessness in our waiting places. Uncertainty and lack of control can get the best of us. We tend to view the “waiting place” as Dr. Seuss did . . . as a “confusing, fearful, and useless place.” But it is not . . . unless we’re not walking with God. If we’re trusting in God, we can be certain that there is no such thing as Him being “almost” sovereign. If we say we have “faith,” then we must live like we do. And the “waiting place” is precisely the “place” God uses to examine our faith and see if it is genuine. The “waiting place” is where He purifies us, allowing the impurities of our spirit to come to the surface. The “waiting place” is part of the process. And we can trust that God will not allow us to remain in the “waiting place” one moment longer than it takes to accomplish His purposes for them. He wouldn’t have you waiting if there weren’t something to wait for. He wouldn’t refine you if He didn’t know He’d find gold. But it’s when He’s holding us to the fire, when the pain and suffering is more than we can bear, our heart cries out with questions that beg answers.

 It’s in our most desperate, darkest hour that we cry out countless questions to God:

“Why are you allowing this?”
“What is the purpose in this?”
“Are you there?”
“Do you care?”

But, you see, for all the questions we have for God, He has questions for us too . . . and as our heart pours out tears to heaven, the answers from God sometimes come in the form of a question . . . “Where is your faith?”  (Luke 8:28)


Peggy said...

Congratulations Cherie! WAITING ON GOD is the BEST! Just look what I shared today without even knowing how GOOD!


Now I wrote this over a week ago... waiting for August 1st to start...

I loved reading this book!

Your books are such a blessing and an inspiration. I have recommended others reading it often. You are a top 100!!!

Love ya' girl...way to go!

Cherie Hill said...

Peggy, I don't know what I would do without you dear friend! You are such an awesome blessing in my life! Praying for you always! BIG HUGS!


Just stopped to say 'hello'! Hope you are doing well! God is awesome and in charge!

[[HUGS]] Stephanie

Linda said...

Congratulations! I look forward to reading your book!


Heaven said...

Congrats! Very amazing!

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Cherie! Sounds like another phenomenal book I'll need to add to my Kindle. God bless you, sister, as you continue to write for the Lord! He's using you mightily!Hugs! :)

Tammi said...

Dear Cherie! This is wonderful! My daughter was mentioning how she wanted a kindle...and I thought, "Oh... another gadget." But this is sounds really cool! Ebooks! Go figure! :) I'm so happy for you...and, you know, God uses those who are willing to wait on Him. That's why He's using Y-O-U! :) In my times of waiting, (and it's surely not comfy)--I've begun to realize that "the waiting" time is really giving God time to "de-weight" me of anything that is weighing me down in my walk with Him. He's purging the dross, and I imagine that weighs me down. So with that in mind, "the waiting" can be a good thing since it's actually "de-weighting" me! LOL
Sending lots of hugs!
Thanks for cheering for me on my post the other day! :) Such encouragement you are, my friend! :)
Love your sister in Christ,

Cherie Hill said...

Stephanie, SO great to hear from you!

Thank you Linda! I pray the ebook is encouraging to your faith!!!

Heaven, so glad you dropped by! Thank you so much!

Maria, so awesome to hear from you!!! Going to stop by and visit you!

Tammi, sweet sister . . . YOU are the one who is an encouragement!!!

Love and prayers to each of you!

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