Monday, November 14, 2011

Healing is a Choice

I had a difficult time with this book . . . a difficult time putting it down. Steve Arterburn has walked through the process of healing. He's not just talking the talk, he's walked the walk. I was amazed at how long this book was . . . and surprised that there was virtually no repetitiveness throughout. The workbook included in this revised addition would be extremely helpful for those trying to walk through healing and not willing or able to reach out to a counselor. The message of the book boils down to Jesus' powerful question to not only the paraplegic, but to all of us, "Do you want to get well?"

"Healing is a Choice" lays out the Biblical foundation to healing, with forgiveness being at the heart of it. Arterburn writes in a very personal way, in order to walk you through what could be the most powerfully transformational point in your life. Choosing to heal is the only way to walk forward in life and Arterburn provides the reader with every tool available to equip you for the journey.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone and anyone. All of us hurt and are hurt in our lives and all of us need healing. True healing.

*I was provided this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program.


Peggy said...

Blessings Cherie, Thank you for choosing to review "Healing is a Choice"!

I came here to "KNOW PEACE"(which I gratefully have found just as you wrote), which reminded me of a great book I read and have highly recommended to others "BE STILL". I received a precious testimony of how it's touching lives like a ripple effect that I have to pass on to you soon.

Anyway, I have read other books by Steve Arterburn and this one seems like another I need to put on my wish list. If not for me, for others that God puts in my path in need of healing. However, this one reminds me of a Bible Study that my MN home church did last summer, and I had the privilege to be part of a wonderful small group as we worked through
"Life's Healing Choices" (out of Saddleback Church, with Jon Baker and Pastor Rick Warren). I love it when there is a study guide included.

Good point that this is boils down to just like Jesus asked the paraplegic "Do you want to be healed?" Our immediate reaction usually would be "of course" yet there are some who are so comfortable living that way and the attention that they may not want to receive that healing. Or for many of us, not ready.
Jesus, Our Healer knows the perfect timing and prepares our hearts or physical bodies and minds to be healed gently... others of us need to work it out (which can just make it worse) and others wallow in self pity. Yep, healing definitely is a choice... and yet sometimes with real chronic illnesses, well... sounds like a great book! Thanks Cherie! Praise God for authors that walk us through from their own journey of faith! Oops that's a Journal of Faith (lol)!

(shhh,this is my day of prayer and I'm not suppose to be visiting... coming over for
Scripture Now... prayers!)

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