Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't Give Up!

At the right time, God comes. 
In the right way, He appears. 
So don't bail out. 
Don't give up! 
He is too wise to forget you, 
too loving to hurt you. 
When you can't see him, trust Him.
He is praying a prayer
that He Himself will answer.

-"A Gentle Thunder" by Max Lucado 


Karen said...

Amen! What a great reminder! That last line is amazing....

Fliterary said...

Amen, Cherie! I love Max Lucado's writing skill in taking few words to make BIG points.

Blessings to you, sweet friend!

Cherie Hill said...

Sisters, you are such great blessings! Praying that the Spirit will strengthen you in every way!
Blessings and HUGS!

Rachel said...

So glad I found this blog...THANKS!

Cherie Hill said...

Glad you stopped by Rachel . . . hope to see you back! ;)

Just Be Real said...

I cannot tell you how much I needed to read this today. Thank you Cherie. Blessings.

Bernadine said...

This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie;
Max has a way with words. I love the words written on the rock.

Also, I'm looking forward to reading your daily devotional, and it sounds like it will be available in 2012. Awesome.

God bless you friend,
smiles & Hugs ~ Michele

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