Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Exclusively Amazon! Why?

As a Bestselling author on Amazon, I hear and read A LOT about whether or not Amazon is on the author's side. If  a picture/photo paints a thousand words, this one does.

I get queried continually about my reasoning for going exclusive with Amazon and my answer is always the same . . . they've provided the platform/tools etc. to expand my ministry and reach the world with the Word of God. For others, their goals are far different; but for me, I am overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity Amazon has provided me to reach readers with Truth and Hope.

There's always banter about Amazon losing money on their devices, and that's when I know that ignorance has just entered into the conversation. Amazon has never had an ultimate goal of making money by selling ereader devices. It's about putting those devices in the hands of people so that they can purchase through Amazon and this means books sales to authors. With the Kindle Lending Library, Amazon's bestseller lists, etc. authors are given the opportunity to share their gift with the world. (If fact, there was rumor some time ago that Amazon may give away Kindle devices for free . . . we can all hope.) I have experienced nothing but outstanding support from Amazon to further the success of my books and ultimately fulfill the purposes God has for my life. I'm forever grateful. If even for just this one moment in time. I marvel at the lives that have been changed (receiving DAILY emails) because I was able to reach people around the world through publishing on Amazon.

I may be sticking my neck out here, so be it, but "Thank God for Amazon!"


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