Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hits Bestseller List! "If I Were a Worm . . ."

GET THE EBOOK FREE until Saturday 4/20/13!

Who knew being a worm could be so interesting and fun?? I am thrilled over the new book release by my two homeschooled teenage sons . . . check out the latest CLASSROOM REVIEW (by Debbie at Heart Choices!)

What if YOU were a worm?
Where would you go?
What would you do, and who would you see?

If I Were a Worm . . . takes you into a day in the life of a worm. You’ll find that a worm’s life is more adventurous than you’d think, and you might find your imagination taking over as you ask yourself, “What if I were a worm?”

There’s nothing that delights a child’s mind more than using their imagination; the “If I Were a . . .” children’s book series aims to unleash a child’s creativity so that they might begin to write their own story. As keepsake books, the “If I Were a . . .” series allows the reader to write their own creative thoughts or have a loved one write it for them. Keep it as a treasure for them to read as they get older, and allow the book to bring back the cherished memories of their childhood imagination.


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