Friday, September 10, 2010

A Call to Decision

It is utterly amazing to me that Max Lucado is able to take the lives of those who lived over 2,000 years ago, bring them into future, and make their stories not only relevant, but incredibly powerful in order to transform people's lives today. The writing in this book, the style, is absolutely brilliant. "Out Live Your Life" will most definitely bring you to a place of decision.

You will not want to miss the short, but powerful story in the final chapter, "That's Jesus playing the fiddle." If you live your life no differently than you did before you read the book, you will have looked into the eyes of Jesus, and like the "Rich Man" (Mark 10:17-25) . . . walked away. As a Christian, I just simply can't imagine doing that. Lucado humbly places himself among the many of us who sit by and do nothing. He challenges himself and others to "do something." Not only that, he gives us "ideas" on how to go about making change. Lucado points out we can't do "everything," but we can do "something."

I loved how each chapter started with powerful Scripture and ended with a Scripture and prayer. They penetrated the heart and soul and with little effort brought you into the presence of God.

I would compare this book to "The Hole in our Gospel" by Richard Stearns. I have truly never read a more powerful book on the authentic Christian and the call to live out that life. "Out Live Your Life" is a companion to Richard Stearns book, and together, if these two books, and these two men cannot motivate us to do something . . . I'm convinced nothing will.

*I received this book free in exchange for my review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze program.


Karen said...

I love Lucado's style of writing....

Unknown said...

Cherie.. dont you just love it when a book touches you so deeply.. I am in the midst of glancing through 3 books right now, trying to decide which one i am going to use to do our next wbs..but all 3 of them (plus, one that is on audio) they are all talking about Thorns..
like the post i listed not to long ago.. they all are are talking about being thankful in the midst of the thorns.. It is hard to do.. sitting in the middle of a thorn bush , so close that you are afraid to breath too deep, at the chance that you will get poked again.. what else could go wrong..
but I am trusting in my God, and knowing that he has been there for me thus far..and he is not leaving us..
My husband is not working now, and i work 2 part time jobs that really dont even equal a full time job.. but we have a roof over our heads.. food in our bellies.. and God to lean on..
So thanks for sharring this post..just another confirmation for me..
Have a blessed to ya soon

Unknown said...

Cherie.. I so needed to hear those words.. and the amazing thing is that I just looked and at the time you sent that,, was about the same time I was having a huge MELT DOWN.. and the winds of my trial was just pounding on my life.. and I felt as though I was going to explode..
So thank you my sister, my friend, for following the tug on your heart to share that with me..
I am in the midst of 3 different books all different,,but all saying the same thing.. give thanks in the mist of your thorns... and omg it is sooooo hard to do it,,and i am having melt downs from time to time..but I am clinging on to God.. because other than my children..he is the only secure thing in my life at this time..
So I love you ..and thank you for thinking of me and sharing that with me..
You are a very welcomed gift to my soul from God..
Thanks Cherie.. Talk to ya soon

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