Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dangerous Prayers

Do you pray dangerous prayers? I do. 
Each time I do, I hesitate, knowing that it may, in fact, be a prayer that God answers "yes."
Are you wondering what kind of prayers I'm talking about?
For starters, this is a "prayer" I keep in the front of my Bible:

"I want to be in a place where I have to have God 
in everything I do . . .
where God is indispensable 
(unavoidable, essential, necessary) to me."
-A.W. Tozer

If you don't think that's a dangerous prayer . . .
maybe this one will alarm you:
(I pray this one every morning before I step foot out of bed)

"Take my life and let it be all for You
 and for Your glory . . .
Take my life and let it be Yours."
("Glory to God" Lyrics by Steve Fee)

Just so you know . . . those are prayers God DOES answer.

What about prayers for others?
What about the prayers for the salvation of loved ones?
Now those can be dangerous prayers . . .
Through my prayer ministry,
I hear of so many desperate people praying for those they love . . .
who are so far from the Lord.
Tears pour down from heaven over those who are lost and don't
want to be found. And our hearts cry out to God to save them.
Here's the thing . . . those are dangerous prayers. You see . . .
"You shouldn't pray for someone's salvation,
 if you're not willing to be a part of the answer."

And that goes for nearly every prayer you pray.
Don't pray for peace,
 if you're not willing to be a peacemaker.
Don't pray for your marriage,
unless you're willing for God to examine your part in it.
Don't pray for someone to forgive you,
if you're not willing to forgive others.
Don't pray for the poor and hungry,
unless you're willing to give your money 
and feed them at the serving line.
Don't pray for God to use your life to bring Him glory,
unless you're willing to carry a Cross. 

Dangerous prayers . . . prayers that change heaven and earth . . .
prayers that will shake your faith to its core . . . prayers
that can change the course of history . . .
prayers that cause the heart 
of God to smile. Be prepared . . . there will be pain.
There will be suffering.
There will be times when you feel
that you have no strength to carry on.
You'll want to set those prayers aside. 
You'll want out of the "Danger" Zone.
You'll want to pray "safer" prayers.
But, don't walk by sight . . . pray in faith.
Ignore the warning sign that your soul
and the enemy is flashing before you.
And trust God to move heaven and earth to answer them,
as He empowers you and strengthens you to do


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Debbie Petras said...

I have been praying 'dangerous prayers' for years now. And I'm willing to be a part of how the Lord chooses to answer those prayers. I ask for those Divine appointments and that I would recognize them when they occur. It could be so easy to go about my day focusing on me but He always seems to bring me those special moments and ...I'm thankful.

Sending hugs to you dear friend.


Unknown said...

Hey Cherie,

What a challenging post! Thanks for the reminder to pray dangerous prayers!

I esp. was challenged by... "Dangerous prayers . . . prayers that change heaven and earth . . .
prayers that will shake your faith to its core . . . prayers
that can change the course of history . . ."

Hope you are doing well.

Blessings, Melanie

Deborah Ann said...

Well I have to say, this is the most profound post I have read in some time. Especially the forgiveness prayer. Faith needs action to hurl us into living and breathing prayers. Just profound, Cherie. (Hey, thanks for your vote!)

Just Be Real said...

Sure do! Great post Cherrie! Blessings.

ML said...

I have to admit dangerous prayers scare me.

What is God going to let me step out and do once He answers that kind of prayer?

WoW! That is a challenging thought for today! Thank you for the post!

Many blessings and hugs!

Walk In Truth said...

Hi Cherie,

Just what I needed to read. AMEN!!!!

God bless you friend,

Unknown said...

"You shouldn't pray for someone's salvation,
if you're not willing to be a part of the answer.

amen.. Amen. Oh Cheri, I want to share this on a devotional site I write for. Is that okay? Hugging you my sister in prayer. Let the dangerous prayers keep us ever on our knees in front of the throne. Hugging you. Lynn

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